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Protect floors, vinyl, tile, marble and stairs with STAY PUT!

Protect floors, vinyl, tile, marble and stairs with STAY PUT!

In the world of interior design and home maintenance, protecting your floors from wear and tear is a priority that often gets overlooked. Whether it's the constant foot traffic, accidental spills, or the inevitable scratches from furniture, our floors take a beating day in and day out. This is where STAY PUT comes into play - a revolutionary product designed to shield your floors, be it vinyl, tile, marble, or even your stairs, ensuring they stay pristine and beautiful for years to come.

What is STAY PUT?

STAY PUT is a versatile, high-performance floor protector that offers unparalleled protection for all types of flooring. It is a thin, durable film that can be applied directly to your floors, forming a protective barrier against scratches, stains, and water damage. What sets STAY PUT apart is its unique adhesive technology, which ensures the film stays in place without leaving any residue or damaging the flooring upon removal.

Why You Need STAY PUT

1. Preserve the Beauty of Your Floors: Floors are a significant investment in any home or business. Using STAY PUT, you can maintain the aesthetic appeal of your floors by protecting them from unsightly scratches, dents, and wear marks that can accumulate over time.

2. Prevent Water Damage: Spills are inevitable, but they don't have to spell disaster for your floors. STAY PUT acts as a waterproof barrier, preventing liquids from seeping through and causing damage to your vinyl, tile, or marble floors.

3. Easy Application and Removal: One of the best features of STAY PUT is its ease of use. The product can be cut to fit any size or shape of floor, stair, or surface, and applied in minutes. When it's time for removal or replacement, STAY PUT peels off effortlessly, leaving no sticky residue behind.

4. Eco-Friendly and Safe: STAY PUT is made from eco-friendly materials and is safe for use in homes with children and pets. It's free from harmful chemicals, ensuring your indoor environment remains healthy and clean.

Application Areas

STAY PUT isn't just for residential use; it's also ideal for commercial settings where floors might be subjected to higher traffic and more significant wear. Here are some of the areas where STAY PUT can be applied:

  • Homes: Protect your kitchen floors, bathroom tiles, entryways, and even the stairs leading up to your home.
  • Offices: Keep high-traffic areas like lobbies, corridors, and conference rooms looking sharp and professional.
  • Retail Spaces: Use STAY PUT in shops and showrooms where the appearance of your floors can influence customer perceptions.
  • Restaurants and Cafes: Guard against spills, stains, and scratches in dining areas and kitchens.
  • Schools and Daycares: Ensure floors stay safe and clean in environments where children play and learn.
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