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Discover the GRACO Ultra 490 XT Electric Airless Sprayer Stand: A Tool for Every Professional Painter

Discover the GRACO Ultra 490 XT Electric Airless Sprayer Stand: A Tool for Every Professional Painter


The Ultra XT 490, part of Graco's newly unveiled series, embodies the pinnacle of pump durability and performance. This model is tailored for professionals who demand reliability and efficiency in their painting tasks. The Ultra XT series is engineered to withstand the rigors of heavy-duty use, ensuring that the 490 model is a dependable companion for any painting project.

Quiet Operation with the XT Motor

One of the most striking features of the Ultra XT 490 is its remarkably quiet operation. Thanks to the new XT Motor, the noise level during operation is reduced by up to 10 times compared to conventional models. This significant reduction in noise pollution not only makes for a more pleasant working environment but also allows for indoor use without the disruption often associated with airless sprayers.

Selectable Pressure Modes and Rapid-Response Control

Graco's Ultra XT 490 offers selectable pressure modes, enabling users to adjust the sprayer's output to match the specific needs of each project. Coupled with rapid-response control, this feature ensures steady pressure and superior finish quality, making it easier than ever to achieve professional-grade results.

TurboClean and WatchDog Protection

The inclusion of TurboClean technology offers a faster, more efficient cleaning process, utilizing less fluid and reducing downtime between jobs. Moreover, the Ultra XT 490 comes equipped with Graco's WatchDog auto-shutoff feature, providing an extra layer of protection for the pump, thereby extending the lifespan of the machine and safeguarding your investment.

Features Tailored for Professional Use

Graco's Ultra XT 490 is not just about powerful performance and innovative features; it's also designed with the professional in mind. The ProConnect Pump Replacement System simplifies maintenance, while the Xtreme Torque Brushless Motor and Endurance Vortex Piston Pump are engineered to lower ownership costs and enhance durability.

The Ultra XT 490 represents Graco's commitment to innovation and quality in the painting and coating industry. With its advanced features, such as the quiet XT Motor, selectable pressure modes, rapid-response control, TurboClean, and WatchDog protection, this model stands out as a top choice for professionals seeking efficiency, reliability, and superior finish quality. As part of the broader Ultra XT family, the 490 model exemplifies Graco's dedication to pushing the boundaries of what airless paint sprayers can achieve, making it an indispensable tool for any painting project.

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