***Due to the competitive nature of sprayer units, points will not be applied towards the reward program.

Earn a $25 visa card for every $1,000 spent!

Like we said, for every $1 spent you get 1 point. For every 1,000 points you get a FREE $25 visa gift card, that can be spent anywhere, not just in our store. Plus we will be adding more items to redeem in the future, so check back here soon!


To earn this visa card you MUST complete the following:

• Accumulate at least $1,000 in a total balance will earn you (1) $25 Visa Gift Card.

• The reward is a discount code, you can't combine the code with any other discount.

• Have a valid mailing address associated with the account.

*Accumulated balances do not include shipping and tax. Visa cards are already preloaded and ready for use. However, you MUST have an account with Painters Solutions and have placed orders through painterssolutions.com in order to be apart of this program. Click on the sign-up link below to sign-up! Offer may be modified or discontinued at the sole discretion of Painters Solutions. Void where prohibited, all Rights Reserved.