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FCI Mesh sanding Abrasive for Radius 360 (5 Pack)

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Diamond-shaped cutting edge. Hook and loop making changing sanding discs quick and easy.

Mesh abrasive disc to use with the Radius360 Air. Designed for drywall sanding for a dust-free finish. This 9.25" disc has hook and loop backing for an easy on and easy off attachment to the perferated pad. When using the mesh abrasive there is no need for the brush gaurd on the Radius360 sander.

  • abrasive grain for fast material removal and a great finish
  • 9.25 In disc to be used with Radius360 Air Sanding tool
  • Screen like abrasive to allow dust particals to be pulled through the abrasive to prevent clogging
  • Hook & Loop for easy on easy off removal from Radius360 Air Sanding tool
  • 5 pack