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3M 2080 Delicate Surface Painter’s Tape

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  • 3M™ Delicate Surface Painter’s Tape is designed for surfaces that require a little extra care such as wood floors, wallpaper, cabinets, painted drywall and freshly painted walls*. With Edge-Lock™ Technology that seals out paint to deliver sharp paint lines, this tape is great for creating accent walls, decorative stripes and patterns. This delicate surface painter’s tape has a gentle adhesive that can stay on surfaces for up to 60 days and then removes easily without leaving any sticky residue behind.


    • Designed for use on delicate surfaces such as painted drywall, freshly painted walls*, wood floors, wallpaper, veneers and cabinets
    • Great for accent walls, decorative stripes or patterns
    • Edge-Lock™ Technology seals out paint to deliver sharp paint lines
    • 60-day clean removal leaves behind no damage or sticky residue
    • Gentle adhesive
    • UV and sunlight resistant (intended for indoor use only)