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MIRKA GALAXY 6" Grip Multifit Sanding Discs 50 pack

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Galaxy sanding discs with MIRKA Multifit technology

Galaxy sanding discs have been developed with the patented Multifit technology from the Finnish sanding specialist MIRKA. Thanks to the Multifit perforation technology, the sanding disc can be easily placed on all sanding pads without the need to align the holes. The disc has an innovative multi-hole pattern so that you can place it on any part of the backing pad. The holes in the disc do not necessarily have to match the holes in your backing pad. Quickly mount the disc on your sander as desired and you can immediately start sanding without being bothered by dust.

Self-sharpening sanding discs

Galaxy sanding discs are sprinkled with a self-sharpening ceramic sanding grain. The self-sharpening ceramic grit combines long disc life, fast cutting power, and easy polishing for the fine grit.  In combination with dust extraction, it is possible to grind longer with this type of abrasive disc, which reduces costs and working time.

Grits of MIRKA Galaxy 150mm discs

  • P60
  • P80
  • P100
  • P120
  • P150
  • P180
  • P220
  • P320
  • P400
  • P600
  • P800
  • P1000
  • P1500
  • P2000

Features of the MIRKA Galaxy self-sharpening sanding discs

  • For professional sanding
  • Dust-free sanding
  • Sanding discs with the innovative MIRKA Multifit technology
  • Ceramic/aluminum oxide abrasive discs
  • Self-sharpening abrasive grains
  • Possible to sand longer than with other abrasives
  • Innovative multi-hole pattern for best dust extraction
  • Wide range of grits available
  • Provides optimum performance