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Kabosh 220-128 1gal Eco Guard Advanced Outdoor Cleaner Concentrate

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Removes and prevents stains caused by algae, mold, and mildew. Bleach FREE. Concentrate, 5:1 ratio - Cleans up to 1200 sq ft.; 9:1 ratio Preventive Maintenance (apply every 6-12 months).
  • No pressure washing, scrubbing or rinsing required
  • Keeps cleaning long after application
  • Eco & Pet Friendly - Bleach FREE
  • Keeps cleaning so you don't have too!
  • Perfect for Decks, sidewalks, roofs & siding and more

How much area will one gallon of Kabosh Eco Guard cover?

One Gallon of Kabosh Ready-To-Use will cover approximately 200 square feet. Kabosh concentrate will cover 1000 square feet when mixed 5 parts water to 1 part Kaosh and will cover 2000 square feet when mixed 9 parts water to 1 part Kabosh. Coverage will vary based on type of sprayer used to apply product.

How long will it take for biological stains to disappear?

The removal time is dependent on the amount of rainfall, the severity/type of the stain, & the concentration of the mixture used (5:1 to 9:1). Green Algae is the quickest to be removed usually in 1-3 days while black algae takes much longer to disappear, 1-8 weeks.

How long does Kabosh Eco Guard last and will it prevent stains from returning?

Kabosh will continue to clean the surface long after application. And will continue to do so until the stains are completely gone. Kabosh will last for up to one year and in some instances longer. Climate and exposure will determine the length of cleaning duration. However, an annual preventative application of 9:1 ratio will prevent biological growth from returning.

What is the best mixture ratio?

We recommend 5 parts water to 1 part Kabosh concentrate for all initial cleaning applications and 9 parts water to 1 part Kabosh concentrate for all preventive applications.

How do I know Kabosh Eco Guard is working?

Upon application, the reaction between Kabosh on the affected areas can change color. Black stains will often turn brown or orange while Green stains might turn brown. This is a good thing. These colors will go away over time along with the stains.

Will Kabosh Eco Guard harm my plants?

Avoid spraying directly on plants. Avoid applying Kabosh on windy days to maximize product coverage and minimize over-spray onto landscapes. To protect plants we recommend watering surrounding landscapes before and after application. Remember algae grows on plants too.

What should I use to apply Kabosh Eco Guard?

A garden pump sprayer works well for small areas such as patios and decks. For larger surfaces we recommend using our proprietary spray equipment to apply Kabosh. For roofs, always apply from the edge of the roof and spray to the top as the surface will become slippery. If you are unfamiliar with heights or ladders we recommend using a contractor and request they use Kabosh.

What if I apply Kabosh Eco Guard and it does not rain?

It is all right if you do not get rain for several weeks. Kabosh will work with the natural elements to keep cleaning your surface. Even the slightest morning dew will reactivate Kabosh. However, Kabosh should not be applied in the rain or if rain is in the immediate forecast.

Does the temperature affect Kabosh Eco Guard?

No, the temperature does not affect Kabosh. However, you should apply it when the temperature is above freezing.

When is the best time to apply Kabosh Eco Guard?

Kabosh is best applied to a dry surface on a day that is above 32 degrees. We do not recommend applying Kabosh in the wind as it will reduce the coverage area. Kabosh works best when it has 4-6 hours of dry time prior to any rainfall.

Will Kabosh Eco Guard remove moss from my roof?

Yes. Kabosh is very effective on roof moss. However, we recommend agitating the moss with a broom prior to applying Kabosh. This allows Kabosh to fully penetrate the root structure and optimizes removal time. Once the moss is cleaned from the surface you can apply a 9:1 ratio of Kabosh to prevent the moss from returning.

Can I use Kabosh Eco Guard inside?

No. Kabosh is designed to be used as an exterior cleaner and preventative.