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ICRO 414T Water-Based 1K Primer

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Introducing ICRO 100% Italian Coating, an exceptional solution that embodies the timeless elegance and superior quality of authentic Italian coatings, delivering unparalleled protection and beauty to surfaces.



ICRO 414T, a water-based thixotropic primer specially designed for use in a mono-component (1K) system. For indoor items like panels, furniture and doors.

This exceptional primer is particularly well-suited for MDF and HDF applications, making it an ideal choice for refinishing projects.

-Outstanding Vertical Adhesion: Enjoy superior vertical hang, ensuring even and reliable coverage on a variety of surfaces.

-Fast Dry Time: Experience the convenience of drying to a sandable finish within just 30-45 minutes, a verified result when applied at 3-4 wet mils.

-Ease of Sanding: 414T primer offers excellent sand-ability, making surface preparation a breeze.

Elevate your priming process with ICRO 414T, ensuring a flawless foundation for your projects.


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