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DAP 00550 pt Premium Wood Filler

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A custom 3-in-1 wood filler, grain filler and sealer coat. Its unique water based formula allows you to more accurately match existing wood tones to create a repair that is seamless and invisible, or add a touch of color to highlight undertones and natural grain patterns. It wont sink, shrink, crack or fall out. It has strong impact resistance making it perfect for edge or crack filling. It dries fast and is easy water clean-up allowing you to finish your woodworking project faster. Chameleon Color Blend Technology allows you to mix stains or pigments directly into the wet state for an exact color match. Accepts majority of stains, tints, pigments, dyes and finishes. Thin slightly with water to create a grain filler to fill natural wood pores providing a smooth, tabletop finish. Sandable, Paintable and Stainable. Easy water clean-up. Interior/exterior use.
  • 3-in-1 product; wood filler, grain filler and sealer
  • Accepts majority of stains and pigments to create the perfect color
  • Grain filler that leaves a smooth, table top finish
  • A unique water-based, quick drying formula
  • Easy water clean up