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Dap 00165 .2 oz Tankbond Thread Locker Med Strength

Dap 00165 .2 oz Tankbond Thread Locker Med Strength

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DAP® Tank Bond™ Permanent Gel Threadlocker is a high-strength formula that permanently locks fasteners and bolts. The no-drip, gel formula lets you to place the threadlocker adhesive where you need it with more precision and less mess. Permanently locks metal fasteners up to 1" diameter with a cleaner, easiler application.


  • Non-Removable Gel Formula
  • No Drip, No Run
  • Ideal for Vertical Applications
  • Spreads Easily During Install
  • Locks and Seals Fasteners
  • Absorbs Shock and Vibrations
  • Fixes Rapidly in 10 Minutes
  • Cures in 24 Hours
  • Permanent - Not Intended For Disassembly
  • For Use on Metal Fasteners and Bolts Only
  • For Fasteners up to 1" in Diameter

UPC #: 070798001657

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