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Better finishes with C.A. Technologies 36-411-F AAA OPTI-TIP

Better finishes with C.A. Technologies 36-411-F AAA OPTI-TIP

In the world of professional painting and finishing, precision, and quality of the final coat make all the difference. That's where the C.A. Technologies 36-411-F AAA OPTI-TIP 411 (Fine Finish) steps inβ€”a tool designed not just for the job, but for perfection.

C.A. Technologies 36-411-F OPTI-TIP

What Makes the 36-411-F Stand Out?

The 36-411-F OPTI-TIP is an air assisted airless flat tip engineered for those who are serious about achieving a flawless finish. Its primary selling point is its ability to significantly reduce micro-bubbles in primers and waterborne coatings, a common issue that can mar the smoothness of a finish. But the benefits don't stop there. The OPTI-TIP also ensures optimized atomization of top coats, primers, and paints, promising a finish that's not just free of imperfections but also beautifully even.

Technical Specifications

With an orifice size of 0.0011 inches and a 40-degree angle, the 36-411-F delivers a pattern width of 8 inches. This precision, guaranteed to a tolerance of +/- 5 degrees, ensures consistent coverage and reduces the need for touch-ups. Compatible with a range of air assisted airless spray guns, including the Cougar and Bobcat models from C.A. Technologies, as well as Kremlin MX and MVX, this tip is versatile as well as effective.

Why Opt for the OPTI-TIP?

The 36-411-F is more than just a nozzle; it's a part of your craftsmanship. Whether you're finishing cabinetry, automotive parts, or delicate furniture, this tip can elevate the quality of your work to new heights. Its ability to lay down coatings evenly and smoothly can save you time and material by reducing the need for rework and minimizing waste.

Moreover, the investment in a high-quality tip like the 36-411-F OPTI-TIP can ultimately save you money by extending the life of your coatings and reducing the physical strain on your spray equipment. Less clogging and cleaner spray patterns mean less downtime and maintenance, keeping you doing what you do best.

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