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Sashco 10012 10.5 oz. Redwood Big Stretch

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Homes move. Window frames pull away from the siding or doors shift against the brick. They move when the temperature changes, the rain falls, the wind blows or the earthquakes. Most caulks can’t take it – they dry hard and crack. That’s why you need Big Stretch® high performance water-based sealant.  Its powerful adhesion and extreme elasticity will stick, twist, bend, compress, and stretch – more than 500% of original size! – to handle most any movement your home can dish out, all without cracking.

Premium window, door and siding sealant. the only latex-based, water-cleanup caulk that can span a 2" gap. Has incredible adhesion to most surfaces and is designed to stay elastic under the harshest conditions. Paintable. Lasts much longer than typical caulks and has a limited lifetime warranty. 

Where to use:

Windows, Doors, Siding, Vents, Sound-Proofing Interior Walls, Siding, Baseboards, Trim, Soffits, Eaves, and Crown Molding.

Where to not use:

In submersion applications, walking or driving surfaces.

Adhesion is poor on the following substrates. A test patch is recommended:

Kynar®, Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Silicone, Waxes, Big Stretch clear should not be used on copper. Use colored Big Stretch, Lexel or Through the Roof! instead.

 Won't Crack...It just stretches

All homes move - Big Stretch moves with them.

  • Super elastic - with 500% maximum stretch
  • Powerful adhesion
  • Easy to tool
  • Water-based

Available in 12 popular colors, and clear.

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Warning: CA Residents Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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