Olfa SVR-2 13 pt snap off cutter
Olfa SVR-2 13 pt snap off cutter - solo
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Olfa SVR-2 9mm 13Pt Stainless Steel Auto Lock Snap Off Cutter

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Olfa SVR-2 Stainless Steel Auto-Lock snap-off utility knife is perfect for use in moist environments where rust is a concern. Features an automatic blade lock for extra control and safety. Built-in pocket clip/blade snapper and a stainless steel blade channel for blade security. For right and left handed use. The OLFA SVR-2 is perfect for detail work such as window tinting, wallpapering, trimming car wraps. The OLFA SVR-2 comes with a 9mm 13-segment stainless steel break-off blade

Blade is made of high-quality grade stainless steel and designed to stand-up to the most demanding jobs. Long lasting and durable - a new sharp edge with just a snap. Perfect to cutting wallpaper, window films, caulking, and a multitude of other material! 

Replacement Blades: AB-10S and ABB-10B