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Norton 68363 5" 5 & 8 Hole P80C ProSand Paper H&L UVH Disc 10Pk

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Ideal for challenging stripping, blending and sanding applications, the ProSand A975 coarse grit paper H&L vacuum disc features a fast-cutting P-graded seeded-gel ceramic alumina abrasive that outperforms and outlasts other paper discs. A flexible fiber reinforced B- and C-weight latex-saturated backing provides up to 50 to 60 percent better tear resistance. To minimize loading and maximize dust collection while ensuring zero color transfer, the disc includes a water-based, non-pigmented stearate No-Fil coating, vacuum holes and an open coat design. Disc installation and removal are easy, thanks to the hook and look back.
  • P-graded seeded-gel ceramic alumina abrasive for fastest cut rate and longest life of any paper disc
  • Water-based, non-pigmented stearate No-Fil coating, open coat, and vacuum holes maximize load resistance and dust extraction with no color transfer to work
  • Exceptional choice for the most demanding coarse grit lightweight paper disc stripping, blending, and sanding applications; hook and loop back for easy disc mounting and changing
    • Premium ceramic abrasive provides a consistent finish and superior cut rate over traditional Aluminum Oxide