Mirka Abranet Delta Grip Sanding Triangle 50 pack
Mirka Abranet Delta Grip Sanding Triangle 50 pack - close up 1
Mirka Abranet Delta Grip Sanding Triangle 50 pack - close up 2
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Mirka Abranet 4"X6"X6" Mesh Grip Sanding Triangles 50 PACK

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Mirka Abranet 4" x 6" x 6" Delta Grip Sanding Triangle (9A-219 Series) is a revolutionary mesh abrasive for sanding with the Mirka DEOS Delta 663CV electric corner sander that will fundamentally improve your work environment! 

This unique patented sanding material contains thousands of small holes, making it possible to effectively vacuum away dust and other particles without clogging the disc surface. The result is a uniform sanding pattern and a perfectly smooth surface and a work environment is free of dust.

Abranet has a much longer lifetime longer than traditional paper abrasives, typically outlasting paper discs 3 to 5 times! This means that sanding can be carried out more quickly, efficiently and at a lower overall cost.

Sold 50 triangles per box.

Features and Benefits:

  • Virtually dust-free sanding in vacuum-assisted applications
  • Greater efficiency than standard paper disc abrasives and less use of materials
  • Elimination of pilling problems
  • Produces a better finish
  • Better work environment, improved operator safety, and less environmental impact