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Fillon BLCA2045 X5 Gallon/3.5-Liter Mixing Lid

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Introducing a mixing lid that addresses the most common complaints with waterborne coatings…’sticking’ and ‘oozing’.

Waterborne paints contain less solvent, which causes paint residue to stick to the pouring spout making dispensing difficult. To address this, we’ve installed an anti-adhesive shutter to the underside of the pouring spout to reduce dried paint residue and improve performance.

Another complaint with waterborne paints is that they tend to creep upwards and ‘ooze’ through the central shaft seal spilling onto the lid body. The problem can also adversely impact the strength of the toner if the paint isn’t shaken before being installed on the mixing machine. X5 lids introduce a new central seal concept that will literally push paint back inside the can during the mixing cycle.

  • New anti-adhesive skates that reduce paint residue and improve performance
  • Innovative central shaft seal that nearly eliminates ‘oozing’ with waterborne paints.
  • Smooth dispensing action with pin-point control pouring.
  • Compatible with solvent and waterborne paints.