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ZipWall HDAZ12 HD Zipper 12Pk

ZipWall HDAZ12 HD Zipper 12Pk

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Save over 15% with the 12-Pack compared to buying six 2-Packs.
ZipWall® heavy-duty zippers are the quickest way to create an entry in a plastic dust barrier wherever you need it.

Patented ZipperKnife™ sheeting cutter PREVENTS JAMS. Specially designed to double-cut the plastic, the ZipperKnife™ leaves a clean cut that keeps plastic away from zipper teeth. Each ZipperKnife™ will make up to 100 cuts.

Two ZipWall® heavy-duty zippers create a hands-free entry – simply roll up the flap and hold the door open using two flap hooks. This hands-free door can be as wide as needed to get equipment and supplies in and out of the worksite.

A single zipper may be used to create a fly-door.

Contents: Twelve zippers, twelve flap hooks, and one ZipperKnife™ sheeting cutter.

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Weight: 3.5 lb
Dimensions: 11? x 7.25? x 6.75?

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