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Bondo 00262 Qt Body Filler w/ Cap

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An American OriginalBorn from a time when auto body repair involved heat-shrinking metal and pouring lead, our Bondo Body Filler has been helping vehicle owners and auto body professionals for decades. This simple two-part solution includes a resin-based filler and a hardener. A tube of the hardener is included with Bondo Body Filler. The consistency of both compounds is creamy, but as the hardener is blended together with the filler it acts as a catalyst, creating a chemical reaction which cures the product. This fast-curing body filler spreads easily and will adhere to correctly prepared surfaces.Bondo Body Filler shapes in minutes and will accept as many reasonably applied applications as required to fill holes and deep scratches or dents. It is formulated to be non-shrinking and permanently durable. Once it has completely hardened normally in 25 minutes or less Bondo Body Filler can be sanded using various grits to achieve as smooth a finish as required. In addition to its uses in repairs of typical vehicle surfaces, the filler is also suitable for repairing other surfaces including wood, steel, aluminum, fiberglass, and concrete. Bondo Body Filler products include directions that help you easily create just the right mix for your auto repair job and allow for same-day repairs.Use During the Fill Stage of the 3M Body Repair SystemEven a small repair can seem complex at first. So 3M Body Repair System simplifies the entire automotive body repair process by dividing it into four stages:Stage 1: Prepare This stage includes pulling dents, removal of paint and rust and efficient, effective masking of the area.Stage 2 Fill: This stage involves patching holes with reinforced filler and smoothing and shaping filler before painting.Stage 3 Paint: This stage includes painting the area and blending and smoothing primer and paint. Stage 4 Finish: The final stage for showroom-grade results: removing small defects, sealing and polishing clear coat
  • Lightweight and sands easily
  • Formulated to be a non-shrinking, non-reactive and permanently durable material
  • Repairs dents, patches holes and leaks restores chips quickly and easily
  • Finish auto body projects the first day you start

Warning: CA Residents Cancer and Reproductive Harm -