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CFI 3016 7.5 oz. MX-3 Complete Mildewcide Liquid (Treats 5 Gal) 0 VOC

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MX-3 Complete Mildewcide

Cutting edge technology is now available for fighting
mildew, mold and algae.

MX-3 now takes up where other additives leave off. MX-3 Complete Mildewcide provides the broad-spectrum fungicidal capability other additives cannot, without hurting the environment. Our new cutting edge biocide carrier is non-toxic and does not contribute to the odor or VOC of paint.

MX-3 Complete Mildewcide is compatible with virtually every available aqueous and non-aqueous paint formulation tested, making it both versatile and cost effective.


  • Over the counter sales approved
  • No odor/Low VOC
  • Very high flash point (>428° ) and excellent freeze-thaw stability
  • Offers great protection against microbial defacement
  • US Patent
  • Discoloration of dry paint film is kept to an absolute minimum
  • For use in virtually every interior/exterior water based, oil based, paints, stains, coatings and adhesives
  • Clear product with no separation, extremely
    thin viscosity
  • Working hard to protect the paint film after 3 years